Where the Bread Du Jour Idea Came From


We have been asked many times, where did the concept for Bread Du Jour come from? So we decided to tell you the full story...

Having spent many years in the baking industry we identified a number of issues that were problematical for customers, namely, no national Artisan fresh bread supplier, poor product quality, lack of flavour, short shelf life, high waste levels, poor product availability and a lack of frozen storage space.

Our idea was to create a product offer and service that addressed their problems for independent foodservice operators as well as restaurants, gastro pubs and hotel changes as well as food halls, farm shops and delis. The end result was Bread Du Jour Bake-off Artisan bread.

Our Artisan bread is made with an aged sourdough starter and a long bulk fermentation, resulting in a loaf packed full of flavour.

Taste, however, wasn’t the only issue, we asked a number of chefs and restaurateurs owners what prevented them from offering Artisan bread on their menu, short shelf life and a lack of frozen storage space come out as two key issues.

Other feedback we received was that locally fresh baked bread delivered daily direct from the bakery sounds good but in fact, it often ended up as waste or the operator ran out of bread as it is not that easy to predict how much they need day to day. The other problem with unwrapped fresh baked bread is that it will go stale throw out the day and be no good the next day.

With Bread Du Jour bake-off Artisan bread you can now free up frozen storage space as they are delivered with a minimum of 10 days shelf life and are stored at room temperature. Our bread are best enjoyed freshly baked-off at the point of use and are ready within minutes from any conventional oven.

Our courier delivers nationally for all orders placed on our website or our bread are also listed with a number of national wholesale partners.

We hope that we have met the challenges we set out to overcome for foodservice operators in creating an Artisan top quality bake-off product with a long ambient shelf life available nationally.

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