What is Artisan Bread?

So we keep mentioning 'Artisan Bread' and you probably hear it in restaurants and supermarkets, but what exactly is it?

The word Artisan means to be made by someone with a craft and skill in baking original breads. Many people believe that 'Artisan' predominately comes down to the texture and the colour. These qualities are what attracts us to bread but it doesn't necessarily make it Artisan.

Artisan simply means that it is crafted bread that isn't made in vast quantities with a large manufacturer. A lot of attention goes into the process, the ingredients and old age routines of creating bread. At Bread Du Jour we pride ourselves in our process and ensure that all of our bread is baked to an artisan style.

One of the main reasons people are attracted to Artisan Breads is how unprocessed they are.

We have created products that allow you to leave bread ambient for a minimum of 10 days and finish the baking process at your restaurant, cafe or shop.

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