How to Become a Master Baker

Ever wondered how you could become a master baker? We have created 4 top tips that we would give to someone who was looking to make it in the baking industry. Hopefully it is enough to get you started on your journey...

So what is a master baker? A master baker is someone who is experienced in baking professionally with the ability to create new ideas and run their own bakery/in-store bakery. They have been trained in a variety of different topics such as culinary arts, sanitation principles, management and retail sales. However, you can't just call yourself a 'master baker' without the proper education.

Where to get started...

  1. Time to LearnBefore you can even apply to become a 'Master Baker' you must have completed up to 8 years experience in commercial/retail baking. A lot of bakers normally start at apprentice level to gain their experience, with this you will learn how to bake, decorate baked goods, operate equipment and the proper ways to handle the food that will meet health and safety requirements.
  2. Get that educationBefore you can apply for the certification you must complete some educational requirements, this will include tests, coursework, seminars and workshops. This will cover a lot of the things you would have learned whilst still gaining experience. Things like, sanitation, how to bake certain goods and the correct way to prepare food and decoration of baked goods.
  3. Apply for your certificationOnce you have obtained 8 years experience and the correct education you can then apply for your 'master baker' certification. When applying, they will ask for the job roles you have had throughout your career and what skills you have mastered.
  4. TestYou have two years to complete and pass any required examinations, in the examinations you will be asked to prepare and decorate several different baked goods. You MUST get a pass mark on all exams to obtain your master baker qualification.

We know this all seems like quite a long winded process, you're looking at about 10-12 years of your life dedicated to baking and baking only. So if you're in it just for fun or want to learn the basics we would still advise on getting as much experience in your own kitchen as possible.

We would love to know if you have had experience in becoming a master baker?

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