• Why Does The UK Love Bread So Much?

    Bread is one of those staple products that we all love and buy in the UK. But have you ever visited another country before and realised JUST how much we REALLY love it? At Bread Du Jour, we love how much people care about their bread and the products that they choose. We have decided to take a look back at where that love stemmed from...

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  • What Goes Into Making Sourdough Bread

    The majority of you would have tried and tested many sourdough breads, ranging from shop bought to hand made in a restaurant. But, more goes into making a sourdough bread than what you might think, much like beer it is a process that can take a while to perfect. Hopefully, this article will give you an insight into exactly how Sourdough bread is produced.

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  • How to Become a Master Baker

    Ever wondered how you could become a master baker? We have created 4 top tips that we would give to someone who was looking to make it in the baking industry. Hopefully it is enough to get you started on your journey...

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  • What is Artisan Bread?

    So we keep mentioning 'Artisan Bread' and you probably hear it in restaurants and supermarkets, but what exactly is it?

    The word Artisan means to be made by someone with a craft and skill in baking original breads. Many people believe that 'Artisan' predominately comes down to the texture and the colour. Continue reading

  • A Rough Guide to the Bread Industry in the UK

    Bread is one of those items that always makes itself into the shopping trolley on the weekly food shop. But there is more to bread than pre sliced packaged items that you pick off the shelf. Many people would have heard of the word 'Artisan' creeping back into our lives, but aren't entirely sure what it means in relation to bread making.

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  • Where the Bread Du Jour Idea Came From


    We have been asked many times, where did the concept for Bread Du Jour come from? So we decided to tell you the full story...

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